Your Safe Management Solution

PpSafe (People safe Solution) is a simple and effective solution to ensure events are organised in a Covid-Safe way.

The solution offers a combination of social distancing measures, historical contact tracing, enables the monitoring of overcrowding and restricted access to limited areas by creating geo-fencing zones at the Event Location.

It also provides a LIVE dashboard as well as reports for contact tracing and also ability to capture data on visitors to specific booths or area of the venue for integration to your other systems for further analysis.

PpSafe works on issuance of our compliance certified Tracker to each attendee and can work with any registration system, only a QR code that contains the attendee registration number of the attendee will suffice.


Your Venue/Event Traffic
Control Solution

VTraCS (Vehicle Traffic Control System) is a simple and effective solution to enable smooth and efficient vehicle traffic management at a Venue/Event.

The solution provides for dynamic configuration of booking slots, 24×7 self-service booking portal, a Mobile app manage entry/exit movement of vehicles and offers a Control Tower approach that gives full visibility on ground conditions.

Proper usage of System Data collected over time could help reduce time taken for build-up or teardown.

Time slot and loading Bay Online Booking

VTraCS Online Booking allow you to reserve the Time Slot and Loading Bay in advance and make any changes or delete Booking. Email Notification with QR Code will be send upon confirmation.

Onsite Vehicle Marshalling

VTraCS Marshalling enables you to manage Traffic onsite remotely through.

  • LIVE Dashboards showing onsite situation.
  • QR Code Scan ensuring authorised entry and capturing timing of entry to exit of Vehicle.

One-Stop Solution For Viewing
People Flow In Real Time

The solution uses high resolution 3D optical sensors to provide seamless coverage of large areas like exhibition venues detecting people flow with unmatched accuracy. Our data sensors guarantee data privacy as they do not recognise individuals but present them as coloured bubbles to visualise the flow.

Service dashboards are available on real-time, enabling visualisation of people flow and areas of congestion or overcrowding, giving total situation awareness in the venue. Alerts can be set up and relevant persons informed to take necessary action. The system can be accessed through any mobile device by the right staff at the right place and at the right time.

This solution is most suited for deployment in venues for managing traffic flow to ensure overall health and safety of event attendees. The data collated from the system can also be analysed to improve subsequent show floor design.


Hand-Held And Mobile Allowing The Capture Of Measurements Immediately On-Site

Unlike static dimensioning systems, Cubetape device is hand-held and mobile allowing the capture of measurements immediately on-site. This saves time as it eliminates the need to bring the cargo to a designated location to record the dimensions.

Automated dimensions data entry eliminates errors caused by manual data entry of measurements. By verifying more cargo with this device, consignments that have under-declared dimensions can be identified quickly and appropriate charge-backs be made.